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Advanced Certified ProAdvisor - What does that mean?

I am thrilled to announce that I am now an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor in QuickBooks Online! What does that mean? Intuit says the Advanced Certification is: "designed for accounting professionals or consultants who have a solid understanding of accounting principles, have successfully passed the QuickBooks Online Certification, and have hands-on experience using QuickBooks Online Accountant and supporting QuickBooks Online clients." In short, this is no simple test! There are 5 sections containing 63 questions, most of which involve entering transactions into a QBO sample file and coming up with the correct outputs. You can take the test 4 times and if you do not pass you cannot retry until one year. It took probably 80 hours of study time and training, as well as practicing the questions to pass this test.

All this is to say that I take serving my clients VERY seriously! I want to be the best professional out there to help your business succeed and grow! This Certification demonstrates I have both knowledge in using the QBO environment and that I have the accounting expertise to help your business succeed!

So, what are you waiting for? Always a free consultation, so give me a call today!

Julia Cloonan


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